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document New SSL Certificates and browser 'security warnings'
When connecting to secure websites such as, you may see a 'security warning' similar to this: This Connection is Untrusted uses an invalid security certificate You may safely ignore this warning.   The reason for this security warning is...
13 Jan, 2010
document Email another student in my class
Go into your class in Blackboard Click on Communication, then on Send Email If you only want to send email to specific students, click on Select Users Highlight the name(s) of the student(s) you want, then click the little arrow pointing to the right-hand box Type out your...
29 Mar, 2010
document Back to school and computer troubles... getting technical help from ITS
Here are a few reminders on getting the most efficient technical service from ITS during this busy time. We know that when your computer doesn’t work or you are stuck with a technical dilemma that it is very frustrating.    We are here to help you and we will work as quickly as...
16 Aug, 2012