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Setting up an exam with extended time for student under Disability Services (DS)

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Last updated: 21 Sep, 2012
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This is a process that can be used to set up an exam for student under Disability Services (DS).
1.     In Blackboard, create the original test.
2.     From Control Manager, under Course Tools, click on Tests, Survey and Pools.
3.     Select Test form the list
4.     For the original test, select the double arrow chevron and select Copy.
5.     To rename the test, click on the chevron and select Edit.  In the Test Canvas select the chevron to change the Name/Description.  Change the name of the test, and click on Submit.
6.     Navigate to the place in the course where you want to add the DS exam.
7.     In Edit Mode On phase, click on Create Assessment.
8.     Select Test.
9.     Select the DS test and Submit.
10.   Under the Test Options set the parameters for the test.
11.   Update the options as necessary, i.e. allowing for more time.
To set it up so only the DS student can see the DS test:
1.     Navigate to the location of the test.
2.     In Edit Mode On position, locate the item, and click on the chevron.
3.     Select Adaptive Release.
4.     Under Membership, enter the student's username or browse to locate it.
5.     Click on Submit.
When the DS test is added, a column is automatically added to the Grade Center.  To manage this extra column, follow these steps:
1.     From Control Panel, click on Full Grade Center.
2.     Locate the column for the DS exam. 
3.     In the column heading, click on the double arrows chevron to drop down the list of options.
4.     Select Edit Column Information.
5.     Scroll to the bottom of the screen.  Select No to include this column in Grade Center calculations.
6.     Click on Submit.
The grade for the DS student will need to be manually entered into the column for the original exam.  For the student and the test, simply click on the cell, and then enter the value.

To watch a video on Adaptive Release, Click here.
To watch a video on Customizing the Grade Center View, Click here.

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