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iPhone vs. Blackberry - Pro's and Con's

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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2010
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Below is a list of Pro's and Con's that IT Services has created after testing both devices together.

Blackberry Pros:
·         Reliability of Email and Calendar
·         Better cellular reception vs. iPhone
·         Physical keyboard for typing
·         If lost and IT Services is contacted in time, the phone can be wiped to factory default and locked.
Blackberry Cons:
·         Not as many apps as iPhone
·         Internet browser is not as robust as the iPhone
iPhone Pros:
·         Ability to view most websites.
·         More apps than a Blackberry
iPhone Cons:    
·         Currently Email does not sync in real time like a Blackberry.
·         Potential delay times for iPhone replacement or repair
·         Fragile and prone to damage
·         Limited Support
·         Remote support is limited to wiping the phone. The user will have to have their iTunes with them to reactivate the phone for cellular use; otherwise, it will only be usable for emergency calls (911).
·         If lost, the phone can be wiped as long as able to sync with the phone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 3033.

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